Beat the Heat with Amino Popsicles

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Beat the Heat with Amino Popsicles

When it starts to warm up and become the summer season, one of my favorite things to do is be poolside with my family! I love the feeling of cooling down in the water on a hot day, cooking food on the grill and having laughs that create lasting memories.

One thing about summer many people forget is to stay hydrated while in high heats. Often times adult beverages might be involved and that can be dehydrating as well. Regardless, the heat can take a toll on the body.

I have a friend who will make somewhat “skinny” margaritas during the summer pool months using lemon-lime amino acids and it got me thinking, what is another way you can use a fitness and health supplement to combat the heat? AMINO POPSICLES!

You can get really creative with these and put your own twist on them, using just about any flavor of amino acids or BCAAs. You can use fruit chunks for added flavor or you can even try mixing with unsweetened coconut water to maximize hydration. It’s quick and easy and requires minimal ingredients!

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You will need a popsicle tray.
First, put the fruit of choice into the tray.
Next, in a Blender Bottle, I combined one scoop of A Mean O’ Daddy amino acids from Black Sheep Supplements and 16 oz of water.
Shake well and then pour into the popsicle tray. Make sure not to overfill so that you can put on the lid handles!

It is that simple!

I hope you enjoy and have a hydrated summer!