Travel Much? How to Get On the Go #Gainz

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Travel Much? How to Get On the Go #Gainz

When it comes to working out on the go, many people think they can’t accomplish much and afraid they are going to screw up their progress. I, however, very much disagree! The following are trainer approved and awesome tools to allow you to get a great workout in small spaces, with limited time or without taking up much space in your luggage.


TRX is one of my favorite training tools in and out of the gym. Designed by a Navy Seal who was tired of not being able to work out when deployed and on missions, he created this strap system and overhead door jam that allows for you to do a multitude of body weight exercises from just about anywhere. From core to strength and cardio these straps are challenging, light weight and easy to use. The exercises that can be done using the TRX can be focused to specific body parts or can be made into a full body workout. I love to use them for super squat jumps, inverted rows, elevated, and advanced mountain climbers just to name a few. TRX can be purchased at or knock-off versions can be found on Amazon. For those who often travel, this is number one on my list of fitness investments!

Mini Infinity Bands

OOOOHHHH BABY! Talk about feeling the burn! These bands are incredible. Using tension as its method, these bands can be used for upper body, lower body, core, and cardio as well! Place them around your legs, feet, arms, or hands and you can make any bodyweight workout much more effective. You can use these bands for bicep curls or tricep extensions. They will shape and tone your glutes and thighs beautifully, and when incorporating bands into core exercises such as bicycle crunches, you will feel a definite difference. The possibilities are endless with these bands. Light weight and compact, they travel extremely well.

Glider Pads

Glider pads are awesome and thinner than a plate. I like to use these for core and cardio, but you can get great leg and chest exercises in as well! When you just need to sweat you can break out these pads and do combinations like burpees, into slide out mountain climbers, and then into lunges or side lunges for a good total body blast. Run that 3-5 times for 30-60 second rounds! These pads can be found at most sporting goods stores.


Having a small arsenal of travel fitness gear can make it so you never skip a beat. If you have any questions on the best products to invest in or what exactly to do with these things, get in touch. Safe travels!