Life Hack Outfit Boxes

Life Hack Outfit Boxes

Happy Friday friends! Wow! Already March 8th. How can this possibly be happening?! Yet here we are, another year flying by. I’m over here screaming, “SLOW DOWN!!!” But, such is life and it never ever will. So I’m just holding on, embracing life for what it is and enjoying every minute of the ride.

If you are anything like me, I am constantly looking for and applying new life hacks to increase productivity through the day. Little tips and tricks that stretch my time and allow me more attention to the things that matter most like my business, child, relationship, home, and health. I especially dive in on new ways to make the prep for each day a bit easier. I know that each day I have so many different things going on and so much to be aware of. I like to have peace of mind that everything is prepared for the next day the night before. It makes waking up at 4 am much easier on the entire family!

One way that I have found I can be more on top of the prep for my daughter and the catalyst of her having a nice, calm, and successful morning compared to a stressful, disorganized and unprepared morning is outfit boxes. I found a similar idea that a mom had posted on Facebook and I took it and made it my own. Here are how I set them up and some of the ways outfit boxes have helped us.

1.) Find boxes that are ideal for your outfits

I found what is called large ‘plastic shoe boxes’ in the storage section. I was luckily able to buy a 5 pack of solid and sturdy boxes for $10 that came with lids. This was ideal for our family and our set up because we allow Azalea a more loose structure to unwind on weekends and allow her to choose her own clothing. Therefore, we were able to designate one box each day, Monday through Friday. I chose clear boxes so that I could easily see the contents without having to open it. 


2.) Use dark and thick markers or labels 

Designate one box for each day of the week and clearly label the boxes. I found that using colored Sharpie markers were difficult to read and took multiple traces to be legible. I suggest using a much thicker black marker, stickers or even a table maker or labels. This way you can easily read, grab and go! 

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3.) Set a day you fill the boxes

Build it into your routine. I find that doing laundry Sunday and then filling all 5 boxes for the week with clean clothes, ready to go with all of the accessories, was most beneficial. I choose to leave shoes out because they can be dirty and want to keep them easily accessible. Creating these boxes ahead of time will reduce stress, eliminate mess and disorganization. 

Before outfit boxes, we were constantly struggling to keep the peace in our home. If it wasn’t an argument about what Azalea wanted to wear for the day it was that we couldn’t find the proper components to the uniform outfit for school. One thing after another until something had to give. The day we rolled out with the boxes, the process became effortless. There were no more wardrobe disagreements, missing articles or stressful mornings. The box was opened, the outfit was put on and the day started with a smile. We have now been utilizing boxes for 2 years and can’t imagine going back! 

I hope this life hack helps you as much as it helped me! Cheers to the weekend friends.