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Happy Monday Lovelies!

I wanna talk about Tabata. Yes, Tabata! What is Tabata Daniella, you say? It is a training technique built to incinerate calories and kick your booty in less time than the average workout! Why is it such a fat burner? Well, because it uses short rests and intense sets to keep the heart rate high and the internal temperature up. Heres how-

Similar to HIIT training, Tabata requires an all-out effort followed by a short rest period, keeping the heart at or near the maximal rate. Fatigue sets in and oxygen stores quickly dissipate, causing the movements to feel extremely difficult. Lactic acid fills the muscles and your body goes into fat burning overdrive. It is a vigorous and high-intensity style of workout that can be perfect for lunchtime gym visits or situations that you are very limited in resources. You can also try incorporating Tabata sets in with weighted lifts to maximize your building and burning potential.

How do you build the best ever Tabata routine for you? It’s easy! A typical Tabata recipe will be 20 seconds high-intensity power followed by 10 seconds rest for 6 – 8 sets for as many different rounds as you choose. Considering that 30 seconds each exercise x 6 – 8 sets are 3 – 4 minutes per round that you do, decide how long you wanna Tabata. I suggest alternating an upper body workout with a lower body workout, an upper or lower body exercise alternating with a core exercise or decide on 3 exercises to cycle between. If you’re doing a super Tabata workout, maybe even try a combination of all three styles!

Example 1-

1: Push Ups

2: Squats


Example 2-

1: Alternating Lunges or Shoulder Taps

2: Reverse Crunches


Example 3-

1: Squat Jumps

2: Floor Tricep Dips

3: Bicycle Crunches


Enjoy and let us know how you liked your Tabata workout!