It’s My Birthday!

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It’s My Birthday!

I am so excited to be celebrating another rotation around the sun! I feel that life is the greatest gift that I have ever been given and I am so thankful for each day I get to take another breath! Birthdays have always been something that I love. Whether it is other people, or myself. I just love celebrating life and all the greatness we get to experience.

When I welcome in another year, I love nothing more than getting together with some of my favorite faces. Yearly we plan a dinner or a gathering and it makes me feel so warm. Being around good friends and family make all the difference! Last year we filled a 20-foot table, I couldn’t believe it! I felt so incredibly loved and look forward to many more years surrounded by my favorites!

This year we are getting together at a restaurant called Tap 14 here in Denver. Follow up with next weeks Friday Lifestyle blog of my review of tap 14 as well as some of the other awesome places to get together with friends in Denver. I am really excited about the food selection, the activities offered at this location and the good conversation and energy that I am sure to be surrounded by. Life is so much better with good friends and family!

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What do you all like to do for your birthday? How do you celebrate? Do you take trips or keep it low key at home? I feel like I’ve had everything from terrible birthdays where everything went wrong to some of the most amazing days of my life and kind of everywhere in between. Regardless, life is so precious. Not everybody gets to celebrate another birthday. Not everybody is given another year. Be excited and happy about the fact that you were born and get another year! Remember friends, life is a gift not a right and so many of our world are alive but aren’t really living. Cheers to many more years!

Have an amazing and safe weekend!!!