The Wild World of Competive Body Building

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The Wild World of Competive Body Building

Wow, what a weekend everybody! I wasn’t able to get my blog on Friday posted on account of The NPC Rocky Mountain Body Building Competition that happened this past weekend in Denver, Colorado. I had a client competing in the bikini division for both coach and competitor, so much goes into the week leading up to the competition, or what they call “Peak Week.” I just couldn’t make it happen! But! Here it is Monday and were back in business.

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Sara Landucci is my sponsored competitor, personal training client and has become one of my best friends. She is a nursing student and works for her dad’s fine art printing studio. It has been an absolute honor watching her grow so much both a person and a competitor this year. Her physique has changed substantially and she was able to place 4th in a very competitive class of ladies.

If you aren’t very familiar with what goes into the preparation for a competition like this, let me tell you…it is NOT as easy as it may look. Building quality lean mass takes time and a lot of competitors in these larger competitions work hours on end to build it in the gym.

You have to be mentally strong along with being physically strong because some of the workouts will push you to your absolute limits. Working the body to complete fatigue, pushing your body to accomplish something so stressful, that doesn’t just make you tired physically it will mentally exhaust you! There are times you feel that fatigue in your soul!

Dieting for a competition can really test a person’s will. You don’t truly realize how much of our society revolves around social eating and drinking…two things that aren’t allowed on prep. You can’t have a slice of cake at that birthday party or grab drinks with friends unless you are planning on staying sober! Being on prep means a lot of saying no and also a lot of explaining. Take away somebodies ability to free eat, even if by choice, and you are about to see the emotions come out.

At the end of it all, you are judged on not only your physique but your total package, so it better be a complete package. From the hair, the teeth, the makeup, jewelry, the suit, all the way down to your tippity toenails. You need to be the total package. Pose with pride and confidence. Work it like you already won the overall. And if you mess up, you don’t let it show you just slay, slay, slay!

If your posing isn’t on point, you probably won’t place well. Make sure you seek posing coaching if your coach doesn’t offer it. I highly suggest getting a posing coach to make sure you are able to get feedback and perfect your moves. If you don’t know how other people see you, chances are you might be doing something weird. Also, going to posing groups can help get those nerves out because you will be posing in front of others before going on stage.

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You never know who is going to show up to these competitions so it’s up to you and your coach to bring your very best and forget the rest. Mindset is everything and the relationship between coach and client should be strong. Coaches should always make sure their clients are ready and happy and feeling good. That is if you have a good coach! If your coach doesn’t make you feel confident and valued, GET A NEW COACH! You have to feel your best to succeed.

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Bodybuilding can be an amazing way to gain confidence, build strength, and have something to work toward. This sport is highly rewarding and I have found that it can be a doorway to some really amazing opportunities. Platinum Plates Fitness is excited to move into the 2019 NPC Body Building season with a new team called 550 Physiques! This is a very close team that focuses on making sure our athletes remain happy and healthy throughout the entire prep. We can’t wait to see where we go!

If you are interested in attending or training for an NPC show, feel free to message me or visit the NPC Colorado Website or the NPC chapter of your state!