Why Probiotics are the Bomb!

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Why Probiotics are the Bomb!

A lot of people have heard of probiotics, but I know a lot of people who have not. Most of those who have heard of probiotics don’t really know what they actually do. I can tell you that they are definitely something that you should be consuming if you aren’t already!

Probiotics are good belly bacteria organisms that help aid our digestion, but they do so much more than just that. Probiotics are being used for many reasons and come in many strains. Some of the best ways to get your probiotics in and help your belly health can be found at your local grocery store and using them daily will deliver awesome benefits.

Sour Kraut:

This fermented cabbage is a topping usually found on hot dogs, burgers and occasionally fries. Sauerkraut is swimming in probiotic goodness due to the fermentation process and is great to eat alone or in an antioxidant-rich salad. Just one fork full 1-2 times daily can decrease bowel inflammation, help you feel less bloated and aids digestion. It helps rebuild the good bacteria population which helps rebuild the lining of your stomach, which can get damaged from “dirty” foods and some medicines. The decrease in bowl and stomach inflammation can cause you to look slimmer in the gut and digestive aid can help eliminate built-up toxins.

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Kombucha Tea:

Kombucha isn’t for everybody but I am a HUGE fan! I find that after drinking kombucha, I feel more alert and energized and can power through my day more efficiently. Ancient Chinese called it the “tea of immortality” and I totally agree! Through a green tea fermentation process using SCOBY, benefits of kombucha include reduction of gut inflammation and bloating, the ability to burn more fat because of the polyphenols found in the green tea, and contains a great source of antioxidants that eliminate free radicals in the body. I have found a couple of different brands that I like. GT’s Kombucha is a traditional option with visible fermentation floating in the bottle. It is carbonated and comes in a wide variety of flavors. Colorado-based company Rowdy Mermaid and Brew Doctor makes a slightly different version that I also really love! Both Rowdy Mermaid and Brew Doctor have the same benefit as regular kombucha without the floating fermentation. My favorites are lavender and strawberry. Try a couple!

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Just one shot a day will keep the doctor away! Well….maybe not exactly but drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar daily will help you lose weight, increase heart health and lowers blood sugar levels. Apple cider vinegar can help you feel more satiated when carb restricting, helping you not feel so hungry and also contains probiotics in “the mother” from the apple fermentation which also helps to restore gut health. I like to use a recipe I call FIRE WATER when trying to reduce gut bloating and promote fat burn. Try it below!

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Get on your probiotic game and find an option that is right for you. If whole food options aren’t really your jam you can always use my favorite capsulated probiotic Natures Way Optima Probiotic 50 Billion that can be found at any vitamin shop and many King Soopers. Cheers to proper gut health!

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